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Smart Little Kid !

Imagine your child learning math and SAT vocabulary while they text their friends or play their computer games. What if you could turn all the hours of texting or computer games into improved grades?

Sound too good to be true?

Smart Little Kid monitors your computer around the clock waiting for specific programs to start. When one of those programs starts, Smart Little Kid activates and presents a series of questions that must be answered before the user can return to their program.

What makes Smart Little Kid different than any other program on the market is the ability to select an unlimited number of target programs your kids like to use.  When any one of those programs start, Smart Little Kid automatically starts the series of questions. 

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How It Started

My oldest son was having trouble in school, in math and mostly with multiplication.  He would also spend night after night, hour after hour on the computer texting his friends.  Sound familiar?  Inspiration hit and I wrote a program to help him with his multiplication tables. He got better at math, got better grades and has much better self-esteem.

Later that year, I upgraded the program and included SAT vocabulary words and you can probably guess the rest.

Program Features

Stealth or mentoring mode allows these additional features